Day Zero

“In a way, today is your first birthday,” That’s how one member of the transplant team gathered in my hospital room put it  today during the brief ceremonials around a watershed moment in my treatment. After a presentation of the donor cells, and a few words of thanks on my part to the doctors and nurses and my family, they turned on the switch and the frisky new stem cells started to arrive via a simple IV bag.. May they flourish and multiply.

This is a fascinating display of biomedical science —  I hope to use the opportunities it presents wisely.




20 thoughts on “Day Zero

  1. Barb Webb

    Thinking of this morning and every single morning, Lanny. I look forward to getting on your schedule of visitors! Jim sends his best wishes. xoxo

  2. Sheldon Sturges & Tatiana Popova

    We are thinking of you and praying for you, Lanny. If these magical new-fangled things in the red bag aren’t up to the task, you might consider usuing some of the ingredients in the baseballs Mary Schoendienst used to make for her kids: sawdust, corncobs, hickory nuts and rocks. The ingredients worked quite well. Her son was signed by the Cards at age 19 and sent to the Class D Kitty League in Union City Tennessee at $75/mo. You probably know all about this. Love wins. No one is braver than you. We send all our love, Sheldon and Tatiana

  3. Ann Gladden

    We are keeping you close, Lanny. Thinking of you, talking to each other about you, and hoping beyond hope for a fabulous outcome. With love, Ann and Lee

  4. Beth Swann

    We’re all feeling so grateful that you can receive this remarkable treatment — and equally grateful that you’ve had the courage to undertake it. Many hugs to you, Lanny —

  5. Dotty Ballantyne

    Lanny, it is so good to be with you on this journey via your blog. May those
    “frisky stem cells” do their job quietly and efficiently. Sending love, Dotty

  6. William R. Leahy

    Lanny, Thank you ,again, for sharing your thoughts and pictures.Keep your eyes and mind on the “horizon” even though you may be physically fatigued during next “time”…Chris and I and so many others are riding the journey with you…
    Bill Leahy

  7. Josephine Jones

    My friend Satya today celebrates her 18th rebirthday —wishing you a great outcome!

    April 17, 2001 I had a #BoneMarrowTransplant at the @fredhutch the 2nd time I had #HodgkinsLymphoma. So today I am happy to experience my 18th year of being #cancerfree! ✨
    I celebrate my #transplantiversary (or as I call it my #rebirthday) every year because I wouldn’t be alive without it, nor would I have found my calling … part of what got me through that lonely, painful treatment time. I wake up with immense #gratitude for having a healthy body (despite the long term issues from treatment) and for having the ability to experience #love, life …


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