Stem Cell Update – The Horse I Rode In On

Dear Friends,

I’m happy to report I am moving foward the second month of the mysterious, baffling, processs known as a stem cell movement. The basic idea is to find out what I need to survive without the systems I arrivded in the world with, since they’re all gone now. For instance, I arrived in life as a blood type A Negative. And did so for 75 years. Now I am an A Positive. Go Figgur. So there is much to be learned.

Today the news was mostly good. More white cells are on the rise, which is a hopeful sign of maybe engraftment. Fingers crossed! More news every day.

In gratitude towards all,


Sarah and my first cousin and oldest friend Christine Jones today at MSKCC


24 thoughts on “Stem Cell Update – The Horse I Rode In On

  1. Frank

    Lanny and Sarah, We got the update from Cassie. It’s a tough time, and we are feeling for you. Frank and Diana

    1. Judy Rawson

      Thanks, Cassie. A very tough week indeed—for all. Small comfort to know that others have had similar surprises during this treatment but have vanquished those germ invaders. You have the best family and doctors; bob and I send love and conquering cheer!
      Judy and Bob rawson

  2. James Trowbridge

    Your Cardinals are struggling with little bears and big brewers atop the Central and clearly need you to come off the bench with your A positive moves !

  3. elizabeth douglass

    I hope the picture is as rosy today as it was when you last posted. Glad you have such good support in Sarah and Christine. Tom and I are with you all the way and pulling for that renewed blood! Stay strong.

  4. Alex Primm

    Good to receive this update, glad y’r doing well… was in China for 5 weeks and couldn’t receive any Gmail accounts so yr news is uplifting… hope to see you in Missoura later this year!

  5. William R. Leahy

    Lanny, So good to see your thoughts and progress. “Be in the moment”…slow steady reconstruction of the “rail system.” Chris,Ellie,Will and I are excited to receive your news when you are able to send on…

  6. Ann Gladden

    Lee and I were thrilled to learn that you are progressing. What a tough time, but you are handling it so well. We are inspired by your courage. We are with you, Lanny, and hoping and praying for an A+ result, just like your blood type!
    Love, Ann and Lee

  7. Joy Stocke

    Dear brave Lanny – Thank you for the update. Like many I’ve been waiting to hear from you and ffind it ascinating to learn that we can be “reborn” with a new blood type. And yes to more and more cells blessedly lucky to call you home… 🙂 PS – I am so happy to see your Sarah and cousin smiling. Love, Joy

  8. Beth Swann

    We’ve all been eager to hear an update on how you’re faring, Lanny, and it’s heartening to hear that the early signs are positive. I’m glad that the visitors’ masks allow you to see the encouraging smiles of Sarah and Christine, which will surely go far in helping keep your spirits and strength up.
    Sending hugs to you,

  9. Chris Leahy

    We’re so glad to get this news. Keep up the good work. Our fingers remain crossed. Lots of love coming your way.

  10. Casey lambert

    Dear Lanny – SO great to get your update with positive news. Keep it up, Fearless Rider! Xxxx

  11. sally sands

    thank you for the update. We have been thinking of you and sending you lot of love and support.

  12. matthew carroll

    Very happy things appear to be doing well. Got a little anxious not having heard for a while. I am A positive also. Let me know if you need any. Really.

  13. Ann Medlock

    Lanny, My son has chronic lymphocytic leukemia so your journey has many meanings here. Lovely to hear your good results.
    And…is your Christine Jones the one who’s an actress and was married to Tom Lipscomb?

  14. Tracey Gates

    Oh Lanny this is such happy news. I have continued to hold you in my prayers and positive thoughts. You and your precious body and your new blood type are working so hard to give you a new lease on life. Go Lanny go!!!! Your cheering section is rooting for you!

    1. Elaine Showalter

      Cheers Lanny! Good to have the update & see the visitor’s outfit. Sending love from LA tonight.


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