The Hickel Heckling, from the PAW Archives, originally published April 28, 1970

Princeton Alumni Weekly

Shortly after 8:30 on Thursday evening, March 5, 1970, Secretary of the Interior Walter J. Hickel rose to his feet and began to address a crowd of nearly 2,000 persons assembled in Jadwin Gymnasium. At the same time, a group of about 75 young men and women sitting in the upper balcony of the gym began to chant, jeer, and shout insults at the speaker.

Pausing only to catch his breath and quickly glance up at the protesters, Secretary Hickel continued to read off his text. The chanting mounted in volume: “Talk about the War! Talk about the War!” And, “Talk about the oil! Talk about the oil!” Several young people, wearing buckskin fringes and headbands with red smears on their foreheads, began to shout out Indian-style war whoops. President Robert Goheen, the only other person sitting on the speaker’s platform, stared silently up at the disrupters, his hands tightening on the arms of his chair ….